Fiorano Projectors

The Fiorano site lists 3 projectors on their site. Each of them link back to the scam review site

Their disclaimer on the bottom of the site states: Specifications are subject to change without prior notice. Model number and Manufacturer Suggested Retail Prices (MSRP) are for identification purposes only. Manufacturer’s suggested prices do not represent a bonafide selling price in Metro Trading Area. 

The address listed on the site houses a coffee bar and takeout restaurant in Zurich, Switzerland. Seems like an odd place for a high end projector company doesn’t it?

Amazingly enough, the link to buy the F-660 projector doesn’t work on the site.

Fiorano F-400

The high precision panels provide bright 3D viewing. The F400 produces stunningly clear and beautiful images. Listing at $4,789 US dollars or approximately $6200.00 CAD.

Fiorano F-660

Bring the cinema to your home with the F660. With a Full-HD optimized lens, movies have deeper blacks and richer colors, in order to maximize the home theatre experience. Listing at $5,869 US dollars or $7,620 CAD, what a deal.

Fiorano F-880

The F880 is Fiorano’s premier projector and is truly in a league of it’s own. Utilizing Dynamic Iris Pro, it achieves an astounding 100,000:1 contrast ratio. The F880 delivers a 4K video experience that ultimately provides excellent picture quality in 2D, as well as advanced 3D features that delivers a natural and unforgettable movie theater experience at home. This sucker will set you back nearly $8,100 Canadian dollars if you bought it from the manufacturer direct. The most unforgettable part is being scammed on this wannabe projector.