Nixon Projectors

The Nixon VPL550 seems to be the most popular scam projector at the current moment. Dozens of these on Facebook & Kijiji for sale ranging from $300 all the way up to $5000. Seems like quite the variance in pricing for a product of such stature. Almost like it’s too good to be true…

No online retailers seem to carry them and the only site linking to them is — amazing that such a top quality product has no mentions online other than 1 website. For myself, the biggest red flag would be the build quality and finish of a so called ‘high-end’ projector. The finish is horrendous and not even close to what you would expect from a known manufacturer.

Some of the unfortunate souls that have purchased this brand have experienced beyond subpar image quality and no sound output. This brand, such as the others listed on the site have mislead the public by outright lying about the specifications on the product.

Pictured above, the Nixon VPL560 which has an MSRP of nearly $8,500.oo CAD, looks like it should sell for around $5 at the local thrift shop. This is not what an $8500 projector looks like.

Nixon VPL550

Upgrade your home entertainment experience with Model VPL550 Home Theatre Projector with stunning 4K visuals.
It upscales 1080 Full HD video to near 4K-quality. It also projects to a maximum screen size of 300″ with 7,200 lumens brightness. It guarantees razor sharp, clear images giving you the unforgettable home theatre experience. An unforgettable theatre experience for sure, one that

Nixon VPL560

The NIXON Model VPL560 Home Theatre Projector will definitely give you a cinematic experience in the comfort of your own home. 8,500 lumens ensures the projected images look clear and sharp. It’s equipped with 25db Ultra Quiet Fan that won’t disturb the show. Gather with family and friends in front of 300” vibrantly projected Full HD Video!

Nixon VPL590

Beautiful 4K visuals are brought to life with the NIXON Model VPL590 Home Theatre Projector. Boasting true UHD 4K and a widescreen 16:9 aspect ratio, this projector can immerse you in your favourite entertainment, whether its for your favorite films, television shows, video games, or multimedia entertainment. MSRP of $6,899