Insight Projectors

Last but not least on the list of the white van projector scam is the Insight Projectors brand. I see less of these on Facebook and Kijiji, but there are still plenty. Again, our good friend Jerry Blake from seems to be a huge fan of these. I tried to click the buy now link on the site and found that didn’t work. Maybe is overloaded with people trying to buy these wonderful projectors and can’t keep up? Probably not.

It would seem that our review expert Jerry borrowed some text from our friends over at for his review of the Insight IS 770 here: That said, you won’t have this problem with the Insight Projector IS 770 That lens shift capability isn’t always found projectors under $7000, and Optoma’s decision to implement that on this model makes us very happy at Projector Reviews!

It’s astounding that Optoma made the decision to implement lens shift capability on the Insight IS 770 even though it isn’t their brand or product. Amazing isn’t it?

Insight has the same disclaimer at the bottom of the site as our friends over at Fiorano: Specifications are subject to change without notice. Model number and manufacturer’s suggested prices are for identification purposes only. Manufacturer’s suggested prices do not represent a bonafide selling price in the metro trading area. Sounds totally legit, nothing to see here.

Here’s the line-up of the Insight Projectors as of December 2019

Insight Projectors IS670

Precisely visualizing 8.3 million distinct pixels, Insight Projectors IS670 4K Laser Projector brings together true 4K UHD detail and the power of maintenance-free BlueCore laser light source. Ideal for entertainment simulators and gallery exhibitions, IS-670 generates supreme picture quality to reproduce true-to-life images for totally immersive experiences for audiences.

A member of the AVS forum pointed out that the actual projector being sold for $5234.00 is also available from Alibaba for around $100 USD here

Insight Projectors IS770

The Insight Projectors elevates the home cinema experience to a whole new level, thanks to Orion technology that achieves the Rec, delivering the exact color palette used by Hollywood studios to master movies and TV programs. Only $5,896.00 for this bad boy, or around $7,700.00 Canadian dollars. Not a bad price to pay for achieving the Rec… whatever that might be, I’m sure it’s awesome though.

Insight Projectors IS870

Get accurate and bright color with Insight 870. Whether you’re in a large venue, auditorium, house of worship, or a conference room, the IS870 delivers 7,000 ANSI lumens, accurate, crisp, and long-lasting picture every time. Setup is flexible and easy with 360 degree rotation and a plethora of connectivity options, such as HD Base T..

A bargain at only $8130.00 Canadian dollars, better get 2!