Ikon Projectors

Ikon Projector IK-200

This must be the entry level unit.

Ikon IK200 Projector ScamIkon IK200 Projector Scam

Ikon Projector IK-400

This is a bit older projector but I still see them for sale on Kijiji and FB Marketplace. Looks like people are desperate to get rid of these now as the website is gone, $300 OBO on one of them and something to the effect of send all your offers and they will take it, need it gone. I guess the scam projectors lose value without scam website to validate them.

It looks like this:

Ikon Projector IK-400  Ikon Projector IK-400

Ikon Projector IK-900

I’m assuming this is the ‘top of the line’ unit from Ikon. I wasn’t able to find the original MSRP of this one, but the IK400 seems to have one of about $8,900 CAD so this IK900 must be worth more… The boxes seem to have the same disclaimer as the newer websites: Specifications are subject to change without notice. Model number and manufacturer’s suggested prices are for identification purposes only. Manufacturer’s suggested prices do not represent a bonafide selling price in the metro trading area.

Seems all legal and errthang, probably nothing to worry about.

Ikon IK900 projector scam